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We are.

352 is an innovation and growth agency. We discover and define the problems that plague our clients using unconventional methods. We believe that Design is the practice of solving business solutions based on a well-defined problem, which means no matter what their role, everyone in our company is a designer. We know that experimentation and learning is the key to continually finding a great solution.

We know that the pursuit of the perfect idea, process, product or service is flawed. We help our clients by coaching and co-creating with them to create exceptional (iterative) consumer experiences.

Oh, we also build lovable digital products through code and develop killer go-to-market strategies to find traction.

Who we want.

We love passionately curious people who think of themselves as lifelong learners. They are humble, engaging, intelligent and our next best friend. They have strong opinions with open minds. They are proactive and entrepreneurial. They know how to take boldly and give graciously. Critical thinking is your sharpest tool and you’re able to think through the toughest problems.

You’ve had a ton of client-facing time and know how to discover the next big opportunity with the work you do to grow the business and create strong relationships.

We don’t believe that any process, method or idea is perfect or permanent, so we want people who want to bring change to organizations they join and who want to make impact with their work.

We don’t have.

An office cat. We’re working on it though. Ask Geoff about it in your interview, promise it’ll go well.

The Gig.

We are seeking a technologist-type individual to join as an innovation “pod” member, a cross-functional team of wicked smart product managers, designers, researchers and business leads. We need someone who is passionate about creating, designing, prototyping and launching products, services, experiences and businesses.

This person will engage directly with real users, and work to uncover – and deliver – on unmet in-market needs. They need to be able to maintain a balance with desirability, viability, and a bring the feasibility element in order to rapid prototype solutions to big problems, and then get it to market. Their primary responsibility will be to determine the technology perspective “feasibility” of an opportunity and working with the team that’s creating medium to high fidelity prototypes to test with users.

The ideal candidate will have superior skills with fast coding, agile and iterative development, and lean startup mindsets. Strong multi-stack, multi-platform experience is preferable, in that it provides the candidate with context and perspective for this strategic role (this is not a “dev” position). They should also be comfortable sharing and evangelizing their ideas with the cross-functional team and getting feedback to get to a better outcome.

This person must possess a quick and keen understanding of past and future technologies, development methodologies, business strategy, design patterns, and current trends. The ability to communicate and influence solutions that best meet user needs and business objectives will be critical. They’ll be counted on for high-level, out-of-the-box thinking, the ability to clearly articulate the decisions behind executions, and analyze the results of testing, and recommend winning solutions.

This is a great opportunity for an innovative technologist to participate in a true user-centered approach to innovation in a fast-paced environment.






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